A girl’s most important day of her life…

A girl’s most important day of her life…

promIs often said to be her senior prom. But who knows, everyone has their own special night – it could be their sweet sixteen, their first anniversary with their significant other, or for some the day they get their acceptance letter from Harvard University. It all varies from one girl to another, but it’s that time of year when girl’s all over the nation are receiving letters from boutiques and prom magazines begging them to look at all the different dresses they have to offer.

I personally have never been to prom, *thankfully* (all the drama is just too much), but I have seen my some photos from my friends junior prom. They all look beautiful with their hair done by professionals and their makeup so perfect. But when it comes to the dresses, sometimes I wonder, “What was she thinking?!” They’re dressed in bright neon green and pink gowns, silky dresses that shine like a sun’s ray in the light, and the diamonds embedded into the dress line which makes it seem more tacky than ever.

Okay, so most of us don’t live the life of Blair Waldorf or A-class celebrities, so dressing up for an event, riding in the limousine, and eating at the most luxurious restaurant is extremely exciting. Most girls don’t have many opportunities to dress up formally and feel like the princess that they have always been dreaming of being. That being said, I know it can become overwhelming when choosing a dress so important, and sometimes I think girls go overboard. So here are my suggestions to picking the right gown for you which will make you look like a part of a red-carpet event, instead of circus:

- Stay with traditional elegant colors: black, white, navy, light pastel colors. I would personally stay away from bright colors like green – they end up looking more tacky than elegant.

- Prints are fun to play with, however, a simple design also looks gorgeous, just make sure it has a little bit of texture like ruffles.

- Have a favorite red-carpet star? Take notice of what type of gowns and dresses she wears to achieve that look!

- Don’t overdo your hair. Tons of braids will make the overall look really overdone. I suggest a nice wave of curls or a bun styled up for a special occasion.

- Shoes are important too! We all know that they’re not going to be incredibly comfortable, but I recommend getting a pair that will let you glide across the floor instead of tripping all over your dress. Sometimes that means a higher heel would work better, but it’s really up to you.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the night. Have fun preparing for the big night, but don’t let it get to you! And don’t kill yourself if another girl is wearing the SAME exact dress. Instead put a little humor into the whole situation and compliment her on how beautiful her dress is. :)

Taken from http://antiquedress.blogspot.com/
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