Deep V-Neck Tops: Men's Trend 2009

Mark my words, Deep-V T-shirts are going to be the bane of men's fashion trends in Spring-Summer 2009. For that very reason I'm thankful that the Deep V-Neck trend won't be confined to the tee.

Deep V-Neck Tops (douche bag neck)

I can tell you the exact moment it happened. Tania was posting Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring-Summer 2009 collection to the forums and with a few clicks of my mouse there he was.

Ridiculously square jawed guy.

Or should I say, ridiculously square jawed guy wearing a deep v-neck t-shirt. Scrap that, a plunging neckline. No, worse still: a douche bag neck. It was there in that brief moment of horror that I realised that Spring-Summer 2009 would see far too many young guys showing off their chests. Far too many young guys without a ridiculously square jaw, or the ridiculously defined pecks to boot.

So for that sake of little children (and my eyes), in 2009 please avoid the Deep V-Neck when it comes to t-shirts. Instead, look to the likes of Neil Barrett and Burberry Prorsum for your calling. Both have taken the Deep V to a much more natural calling: cardigans.

You see, you can't really layer a t-shirt. Or at least, I can't really imagine a way it can be done without the wearer looking like a complete twat. "Look at that chap, he's wearing two t-shirts!" or, as is more likely to be the case, "that guy has a wife-beater under his douche bag neck. Weirdo!" But a cardigan is another story. You're almost forced to layer it. Sure, the catwalk models don't need to. Their square jaws, defined pecks, and distinct lack of pubic hair allows them to get away with it. But mere mortals? They'll be able to wear deep v-neck trend to their heart's content. All the time wearing it over something.

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