Secrets of Elegance

Secrets of Elegance

Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective and simple. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness. This is how elegance is described, yet most people could add more, because it is an abstract thing. Why some people, although they do look tasteful, do not look elegant? It is not as hard to achieve as it may seem. You just need to know some secrets of elegance.

Although clothing is not the main detail when talking about elegance, it still is an important part in creating your style. As mentioned before, elegance is simplicity, so all your clothes should be simple as well. No big flowers on dresses, no numerous zips or other easily noticeable details. You shouldn't wear bright-colored clothes. Light and dark tones should be soft. It's very comfortable, for such tones usually are easily matched with each other.

Having appropriate clothes is not enough. Too small or too large clothes will surely ruin all your efforts. Moreover, you must always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading.

While talking about appearance don't forget that your hair, nails and shoes must look perfect too. If you were walking a whole day and have a meeting at the end, simple go to the toilet and wash it. You can always carry the most important means with yourself. Hair spray and a file on hand won't take much space. You always have to look clean, hygienic and tidy.

Don't use too much or too bright a makeup. All you need is mascara, lipstick and a bit of blush. If you are applying evening makeup you may also use eye shadow, just don't make too much of it and match it carefully with your clothing and accessory.

It may seem odd for some women or men but your speech is also very important. There is no point in looking elegant if the mirage disappears as soon as you start talking. Don't use slang, speak eloquently. If you feel a need - start learning English once again, until you'll speak properly without any slang.

You should also learn to control your temper. Elegant woman won't ever start shouting in a parking plot or even at home. It doesn't mean you can't show your emotions, just don't get hysteric. It won't just create an image of elegant woman, but will also help you in your relationship with other people.

One of the most important features of elegance is grace. You have to walk straight with your head up high; you have to sit straight with your head up high and legs crossed. Practice walking with high heeled shoes in small steps and even if you are wearing low heeled ones - walk in small steps. Choose foot wear carefully, for some shoes "makes" you walk in large steps (for instance military boots). And don't forget that foot wear is also an important part of your style, so rules are the same as with clothing.

Mind your manners. You have to know how to behave while talking with newly met people, how to eat in a fancy restaurant and things like that. Although you may think you already know everything you need to know, there are many book written on manners and it is highly recommended to read at least a few of them. You'll s...

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