blog_3827.jpg Welcome to the new season!There is always a lot of excitement when discovering the new pieces we’ll be wearing during next months and this time makes no exception.I believe it is going to be one of my favourite season for a while. Every fashion magazine is defining it as the “no-trends” or the “perma-trends” season and this is why I’m going to love it sooo much.When it comes to clothes and accessories, I have changed my habits during the last few years. More than focusing on how much an item costs I now consider how useful it really could be in my wardrobe and if it will still work for years to come. I want to buy pieces that are of the moment but I also want them to be forever pieces. And fortunately, there are a lot of fabulous pieces this season, but there are no big trends to follow and this will allow us to buy the ones we like the most now and wear them for years and years. Besides, there will almost certainly be pieces that you already have.

Following are my investment picks for S/S 2009, 10 key buys that update my wardrobe but will also stand the test of time. No must-haves this time, but must-keeps. Leather jacket

If you don’t have one yet then now it’s time to invest. Make sure it is made of butter soft leather so it will last many many years.

Find out how it could ease also the most severe or smart outfit or rock out a simple look made by jeans and a plain t-shirt.

Every cut can work in my opinion, biker-style, cropped, boxy.

If you want one that goes with everything buy it black but also don’t be afraid to invest in a more colourful, flashier (electric blue, yellow) one as it will transform you outfit in a stand-out. Also think about a metallic one… wow, that will really make an entrance!

Jeans – preferably destroyed/ripped (acid or not) skinny ones, (see Balmain’s for high end or Current/Elliott and Siwy)

This time jeans are not just an everyday basic but become a real fashion buy. Whenever it is a pair of jeans or shorts or a miniskirt, ripped ones are the key. They are not new to anyone of us but what really makes the difference from past years is more how they are worn than the piece itself. Choosing a skinny pair will make them more revealing and sexy than any others to me.

P.S. If you decide to follow Balmain’s rock-chic style (which I just L O V E) and rock any trend, rock it hard. Use chains, bondage details and avoid patent PVC or anything chunky. In a few words, keep it luxury.

P.P.S. You won’t see me wearing the boyfriend jeans (not my kind of) but if it was the case I would have bought them straight legged and wore them turned up at the bottom with something really feminine or with a thigh masculine piece to balance.

Classic Chanel chain-handle bag

Created by Madamoiselle Coco in February 1955 (named after that date 2.55) it is still THE bag everyone from celebrities to fashion editors aims to have. I know it will last a lifetime and I will be wearing it for ever teamed with pegs or ripped jeans and killer heels and any lady-like outfit to enhance it. As it is a huge investment we can be tempted in buying a black one, but instead I’ll stick to colour (maybe red).

One-shoulder dress

It emerged in the fashion scene in 2007 as a courtesy of Miss Kate Moss (not because she was wearing one but as one of the pieces designed for her 1st Topshop collection – it was white or yellow) and never went out of style since then. Come 2008, the look was on everyone and in every catwalk show (see Balmain’s amazing ones) and we will see it again in 2010! So, apart from making us feel so feminine and seductive, I can’t see any reason not to buy one. Choose it in black as you won’t get bored of it.

Harem pant/Peg trousers

I think we are no more scared by shapes and these pants are no longer only for the braves. We got used to them, they are easy, relaxed and, last but not the least, sooo comfortable. We just have to remember to pair them with a tiny cropped jacked or top/blouse with a narrow belt to accentuate our waist. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

Gold or metallic accessories

We can’t go wrong with metallic accessories, whether a pair of shoes, a bag or a belt. They can soon update our look and make it seem fresher and so new season. Look at the gold and silver shoe boots at Givenchy! If you then choose gladiator sandals, heeled or flat, you will take 2 birds with one stone! The gladiators were a must-have in the past seasons but like some other pieces, they have become a staple nowadays.

Statement blouse

A statement blouse in white or cream or better, in nude, which has always been one of my favourite colour (it never goes out of style and is so romantic), is timeless. It is the new alternative to the classic white shirt and it can be wear with almost anything.


I’m not a big fan this time but as I saw the leopard print dresses in pink and light blue at Lanvin I was hypnotized by the beauty of it. It is a younger alternative to the classic one.


Whether oversized and in a bright colour for the day or small and elegant (box, studded, super-shiny, diamantè) for the evening they are still the most feminine bags around. I love them all!

Vintage jewelry

They have a one-of-a-kind allure that makes them unique and priceless. And they are the easiest pieces to buy from vintage as you rarely fail. We never got too much of them!

P.S. I love pearls and I can’t get enough! They do last for ever and will never go out of style whether we choose a simple and classic or a fashion-inspired string (look for vintage Chanel).

I would have written about many more trends but I think it is enough for now, it could have become a bit confusing (to me first thing!).

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