Mens Fashion Clothing: Formal Dress Shirt

Mens Fashion Clothing: Formal Dress Shirt

Mens fashion clothing includes an upper body garment known as Shirt. A shirt is an integral part of mens fashion as well as fashion clothing. A shirt is a basic part of dressing that may be full sleeve or half sleeve, including a neck collar, sometime a pocket and a vertical top to down full vertical button opening.
Combinations among different components of a shirt:

Custom+Dress+Shirt+Collar+1.jpgCollars may be attached or detachable with the shirt. Attached collars are generally used as with formal shirts but detachable is also a good option for formal shirts.

· Collars may be with wider spread ranging from 3.5 inches to 6 inches at different points on the collar.

· Collars may be with narrow spread ranging from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches at different points on the collar.

· Least frequently used collars used in mens fashion clothing are buttoned down to shirt at their points or tips. These type of collars were first introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896 for pollo players and are now being used everywhere, in sports, in fashion, in formal as well as casual dressing.

Double-Cuff-Shirt.jpgCuffs: Mens formal wear includes several styles of cuffs. We can categorize these cuffs in barreled cuffs, double cuffs and single cuffs.

· Barrel cuffs are standard cuffs used in our regular shirts which can be fastened with single or double buttons.

· Double cuffs are very formal style of cuffs usually with extra length of sleeves and folded back with cufflinks or studs. However these type of cuffs were popularized in early 1960’s which were used fictional movie character James Bond.

· Single cuffs are the cuffs which have some extra length but are not folded. These types of cuffs are most formal part of mens fashion clothing.

· Some cuffs are with forty five degree cut from the tips.

These styles of collars and cuffs can be used with each other providing multiple styles of fashion shirts for formal wear. However some further possibilities are pleated shirts from top to bottom at the front side of the shirt. Although pleated shirts are counted as semi formal but these can be used as formal shirts.

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