Cool Emo Names Relity

  • razor kissed wrists

  • rain hides my tears

  • lable me...i dare you (lmfao)

  • illegal love rips u to shreds and enjoys watching you suffer

  • *tries to be happy

  • * xXxContagiousKissesxXx

  • x_Love-Me-Dead_x

  • xxxTornxxxinsidexxx

  • x-RazorBlade-Romance-x

  • XyourXvampireX

Emo couple names
*the emo kid song playing in backround*

1. xxCutMeOpenWhileSobbingxx
2. BrokenWings
3. XxBloodShotEyeXx
4. bring me my self control
5. bullet_on_my_head

Black my eyes and slit my wrists so i can sleep tonight

obeying forgotten laws---- wishing i could turn back the hands of time

if u feel so messed up so usless so worthless , your not the only one

i keep telling myself im not the desperate type...but im a horrible liar

i wish i was strong i wish i was smart i wish i was u not i

Emo names

[*INSERT NAME HERE*] im not afraid to cry
{[[[ i love you so much it hurts sometimes, if you think thats weird at least it rymes ]]]}
WW3 here we come

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