Which Rookies Will Return?

SI has been taunting us with the fact that there are barely 30 days until the swimsuit issue comes out. Soon, we will know which of the five 2011 rookies will return, and which of them will become one-hit wonders. My predictions, from most likely to least likely:

#1: Kate UptonThis is a no-brainer. I think riots would break out if she's gone in 2012. (I foresee a not-minor uproar if she isn't the cover girl.)

#2: Alyssa MillerNot only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she's the only rookie who got three separate shoots in 2011: bodypainting, Hawaii, Fiji.

#3: Kenza FouratiShe's my personal obsession. I hope I'm not being too optimistic; I'd love to see more from her.

#4: Izabel GoulartShe's filling the void left by Daniella Sarahyba, but does she have the staying power to repeat?

#5: Shannan ClickShe had the fewest photos online of any of the rookies, and I just got a nagging feeling that she didn't, well, click.

We'll find out soon enough. And then we'll have a new batch of rookies to speculate about.
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