The Kinds of Hairstyles for Women 2010

Formal hairstyles are the kinds of hairstyles you could wear to special occasions like weddings and proms. They come in various shapes and styles, including upcurls, downcurls, upsmooth styles, downsmooth styles, halfup/halfdown styles, plaits and braids. A formal occasion, like a wedding or a prom, requires a hairstyle that is elegant, works with your dress and accessories, and suits your personal attributes perfectly.

The Kinds of Hairstyles for Women 2010Curly Long Hair

This hairstyle is full bodied and easy to achieve and maintain. The Back: the length and layers have been sliced through from the crown for shape and bounce. The Sides: the layers have been started from the shorter layers through the top and blended down softly to frame the face.

The Kinds of Hairstyles for Women 2010Wavy Medium Hair

This sexy style is full of layers for shape, and features bangs for a sassy look. The Back: layers were added from the crown and blended down to the length to create height and movement. The Sides: were layered down the side of the face to soften this sexy style.

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