Formal Hairstyles

If you’ve ever felt pressure about your hairstyle before a wedding or fancy event, congratulations, you’re officially part of thousands of women who brush through every hairstyle gallery on the internet to find formal hairstyles and scour the magazine racks for hair style ideas. Surely you’re bound to find an overwhelming amount of different hairstyles but how do you know which ones will suit you for that special day? In one simple answer: try them all out. Obviously one can’t put on extensions, color their hair and undo everything they’ve done in a couple of hours to try something else with it however, by booking an appointment with a professional stylist, one can spend a couple of hours trying simpler ideas and getting professional advice based on shape face, features and complexion. Don’t wait until the day of the event to experiment yourself.

Whether your hair is short or long, no longer matters in this modern day of extensions. Because of this, a woman is never limited to the number or length of hairs on her head. Colors in every hue are on the hairstylists’ pallet and in a matter of minutes, one can enter a salon, choose anything from a formal hairstyles catalogue and wham, presto, she walks out with the very same look.

For most major events, the updo is perhaps the most popular hair trend to date. Fortunately, it’s been redesigned to go beyond the famous tightly rolled bun at the top of the head which is better left to ballet dancers. In this day and age, the updo has taken on an entirely new appeal with funky twists that give the ever classic look a seductive stylish feel. Looser hair, side swept bangs, a head full of curls are only a few of the many possible formal hairstyles created with an updo.

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