Emo/Scene Girl Ren's pictures and her poems

Style: RAWRRR! me be SCeNe >.<

Orientation: i be luvvin' smxy guys... the really hot emo ones <3>

Location: North Carolina, U.S !IT'S WHERE THE PARTY IS!

Facebook: Ren Cleveland

Introduce myself: me? well, i'm a dramatic scene queen who's known locally and is trying to make a dent in the world... CHECK ME OUT BABE! and thanks!

Emo poems from Ren:

She feels the cold

It bites her skin

It gnaws with ruthless venom

But no one cares much anyway

Cause this is what they say

“Shoo, shoo, shoo, bony child,

I have no change to spare.

Mercy has made them self scarce.

It’s a sin filled world out there.”

Stony roads

bruise her feet

The icy wind claws her face

Her white hands attempt to defend her eyes

For this is what she cries

“Help, help, help for a child,

I’m being consumed by fear.

Mercy has made them self scarce.

It’s a sin filled world out here.”

A beam of light

falls across her path

With squinted eyes she peers up

to find a candle lit casement

In longing she’ll lament

“Warmth, warmth, warmth for a child,

I’m frozen to the bone.

Mercy has made them self scarce,

and sin feasts on those alone.”

The wind doesn’t die

as she hurries on

into a stingy ally

Sprawling amongst piles of rubbish

She hears the darkness hiss

“Die, die, die, boney child,

Your fears, they make us laugh.

We’ve killed dear mercy, and you’ll fall next.

Not a soul can survive our wrath.”

Hugging her knees

to her chest

she sobs into the night

until sleep overtakes her

She’s lost without a fight

“Wake, wake, wake, boney child,

thrust open your eyes to light.

Here the cold can not harm you,

and you’re hidden from darkness’s spite.”

Blinking into

smiling brightness

Here darkness does not throng

Daisies frolic on a scented breeze

She twirls ‘round in soundless song

“Live, live, live, lovely child,

dance all your burdens away.

Breathe the air into your blood.

Savor this time of play.”

An impish wind

nudges her skin

In joy of freedom she laughs

Melodious is her simmering voice,

now interrupted by a noise

“Fare well, you must flee, darling child,

they’ve come to steal you back.

There’s nothing you can do, boney child.

It’s soon a life you’ll lack.”

All beauty dies

before her face

She’s flung back into the dark

The darkness of a poisoned world

A world that she must bare

A world she can not bare

“Dead, dead, dead is this child,

She’s strewn across this trash.

Body cold as sir winter’s ice,

fear has burned her to ash.”

pics of Ren
emo scene girl
scene emo girl

Taken from http://hairstyles-latest.blogspot.com/
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