Lindsay Lohan makes her design debut at Paris Fashion Week

Lindsay Lohan makes her design debut at Paris Fashion WeekLindsay Lohan

ONE-time Disney ‘tween come bisexual Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan can now list fashion adviser on her resume after stepping out for the Emanuel Ungaro label at Paris Fashion Week.

Introduced as artistic director, Lohan strolled down the aisle with Spanish designer Estrella Archs during Ungaro’s show.

However, despite the assurances of Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige that the Lohan-Archs partnership would be “an explosive combination”, several reviews of the Mean Girls star-influenced collection have been particularly negative.

Writing in The Independent, Susannah Frankel called the designs “a celebrity-led aesthetic that was obvious to the point of banality.”

Frankel said that the collection, which featured ultra-short dresses, loud colours, and sequins, was clearly aimed at a younger demographic.

“It was entertaining, certainly, but quite what any of it had to do with a name that once stood proudly for bourgeois elegance and, even more so, Parisian sophistication is less clear.”

The New York Times’ Suzy Menkes wrote that while there were some positives in Lohan’s couture debut, there was a certain ubiquity to the designs.

“Will this collection of hearts but with no soul be enough to entice young women who could probably find these looks anywhere?”

Despite the less than glowing reception, Lohan stood by her first foray into fashion.

She called the show “the hardest thing I've ever done”.

In an earlier interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Lohan said: “This is the real me. Working with Estrella and the team at Ungaro is a dream come true.”

“Fashion is one of my favourite things in the world and this is the best week of my life.”

However, whether Lohan will have a lasting career in fashion is unknown, with many regarding the tabloid-regular’s position at Ungaro as little more than a publicity stunt.

Acknowledging Lohan’s reputation as a wild-child, Moufarrige admitted that bringing the scandal-magnet on board was “risky business”.

Adding that “it’s the clothes that talk”, Moufarrige also hinted that hiring Lohan was a calculated publicity grab.

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