14 Things The GLAMOUR Office Has Debated This Month

1. How often we wash our jeans and bras. It varied from "every wear" (self-confessed clean-freak) to "every six wears, if that" (self-confessed slattern).

2. Why Angeline and Mandy Moore look miles more beautiful brunette - yet Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson look way better blonde. And which we should be...

3. That we'd happily strangle people who don't move down the bus. Yet we huff when we ourselves are asked to move from our jammy spot by the pole.

4. Alcohol and chocolate. Apart, amazing. Together? Just wrong.

5. Whether Li-Lo has lost it (after her excruciatingly public Tweeting about her break-up with Sam Ronson). The verdict? Loopy as.

6. Supermarket till panic: where we try to juggle paying and packing while a hundred eyes laser holes in our back.

7. The under-the-desk essentials for a morning-after walk of shame - toothbrush, clothes, deodorant and make-up.

8. Was it or was it not David Beckham that we walked past outside the GLAMOUR office? Later audible shrieks suggested the affirmative.

9. Which Barbie doll we would be and why. We even found a Grandma Barbie and a pregnant Barbie on t'internet...

10. Holiday packing: why do we never, ever learn that we don't need eight pairs of shoes for a seven-day break?

11. How much lazy BBQs in the sun rock. We don't even have to cook, thanks to the primal male instinct - 'Me man, me make meat with fire'.

12. Whether we can clone, Dolly the sheep-style, Jennifer Aniston's genes and have that body at 40.

13. Our guilty pleasure TV: Grand Designs and Come Dine With Me. We especially love it when they sack the project manager or cheat by buying ready-made food.

14. Whether naughtily bidding up each other's eBay items to up the ante is ethically wrong. The conclusion? A bit, but sod it.

Taken from http://antiquedress.blogspot.com/
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