Jessica Gomes: Woman of Mystery and Contradictions

Jessica is in the November Maxim.Some photos, an interview, and a video can be found here.

A couple things:

In the video interview, she has this to day:
That was probably the craziest thing that I've read. People were like, "Oh, she's, are they fake? They're fake boobs." I mean, trust me, I know that they're big, but they're real, and I would never pay money to get these boobs because they are quite annoying.

Unless she went through puberty after her first appearance in 2008, you may color me skeptical...

But weirder still, in the same interview, she pronounces her last name as rhyming with "homes."

I poked around online, and she also pronounces it that way in her SI 2011 profile.

But, in 2009, she clearly pronounced it "Gomez."

I am especially mortified because I corrected Kanye West on his pronunciation a year ago.

Jessica Gomes, you have made a liar out of me!I... I can't stay mad at you.
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