Some Historian I Turned Out to Be

Back in February, I took Lowdown Blog and Bro Bible to task for thinking that the 2011 swimsuit issue was the 49th and 38th, respectively. I corrected them:

“Guys—it’s the 47th.”

Well, guess what? It’s actually the 48th.

To make up for my ineptitude at simple counting, here is one of my favorite photos of Rebecca Romijn.How did I screw it up? I have a theory.

I knew offhand that the 25th Anniversary issue was in 1989. So I think I started with that issue as the 25th swimsuit issue, then added 22: one for each year from 1990-2011.

What I failed to take into account: The 25th Anniversary issue was actually the 26th swimsuit issue. Which makes sense. (The first anniversary issue would have been the second issue overall. And your 25th birthday is actually the 26th time you’ve experienced that date.)

So, 2011 was the 48th swimsuit issue, and the 47th anniversary.

Wasn’t that interesting?


Rebecca, you’re needed again.
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