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hot scene girls pictures
Name: flocore perfect
Age: 15
Orientation: bi
Style: mostly 60% scene and 40% of my own ;A
Location: estoniay0, my name'z flocore perfect. i'm 15 and i live in estonia.
i luv taking care of myself, of how i look. it's really important to me. i also luv camwhoring : D
i smoke, but i don't drink much. i hate being drunk. i started smoking 2-3 years ago and i tried to quit several times, but i can't.
i like to draw, usually anime.
my taste in music is <-from here--------------------------------to here->, i should name sum artists too - the horrors, bring me the horizon, mistabishi, defrage, from first to last, vanilla sky, 30 seonds to mars, underoath, neaera, mark crisman, nickasaur etc C:
i luv piercings. right now i have 3 of 'em - industrial, medusa, labret.
if you want my msn orsmth, then here it is -, don't bother me with stupid questions or with your depression, i'm not interested.
hot scene girls pictures
hot scene girls pictures
hot scene girls pictures

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