Rose to the Occasion

In the 2004 swimsuit issue, each model answered a short “get-to-know-you” survey. Cover girl Veronica Varekova declared that the person she’d like to meet was Charlie Rose.

Coincidentally or not, Veronica appeared on Charlie Rose shortly thereafter, along with Diane Smith. However, as you can see from the interview, Veronica actually seems a little bored and tired.

She does, however, rock the sexy librarian look.Meanwhile, Rose pretends to fumble over some obscure facts about the… how did you refer to it? “Swim-suit issue”?

“Ellie Mc—Elle Macphurson has been on the cover more than anyone else, right? Uh… Is it Kathy Ireland? Kathy, right? She’s been in more often than anyone else.”

Daniela calls him on it: “You do know about the issue! You know more than I do!”

In any case, it’s Veronica’s 34th birthday today, so let us celebrate this hypnotic, level-gazed 8-time model.Shine on, you sexy Gemini.
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