Mystery Butt Revealed

Last year, I wondered who the third bikini belonged to in this tweeted photo:The mystery is revealed in this still from one of the 2011 videos. She is Alyssa Miller.Alyssa, Julie, and Irina all shot in Hawaii this year, and they look absolutely amazing in their Starburst-colored suits.I have to say, of the three, cover girl Irina comes in third. Julie absolutely sets the beach ablaze. (Interesting side note: her Hawaii hair is more disheveled, while her Fiji hair is more styled.)She may have reclaimed the mantle from Jessica Gomes as my favorite current model. I still say she should have gotten the cover.

Alyssa is magnificent. Those full lips, those Brooke Shields eyebrows, that glare dripping with sex. And let’s not beat around the bush, she’s awe-inspiring south of the face as well.Make no mistake, though. Irina holds her own.Gracious.
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