That’s the Way the Rookie Crumbles

Out of six swimsuit issue rookies in 2010, only two stuck around for 2011. Genevieve Morton and Chrissy Teigen returned this year, albeit a bit more glammed up in each case.
Genevieve Morton
Good for her! She’s a South African kewpie doll whose best pics last year were in this shiny silver bikini:…even though she cause a bit of controversy by standing near a couple swastikas in one of the shots:SI ran a series of short videos in which the models declared what they felt were their best body parts. The answers ranged from freckles (Anne V) to feet (Hilary Rhoda) to collarbones (Sonia Dara) to eyes (Cintia Dicker, Jessica White, Jessica Gomes, Esti Ginzburg).

Genevieve? “I like my boobs the best.”
Very well. I’ll allow it.

Her pics this year are a little more sultry.But she retains that “voluptuous cherub” look.

Chrissy Teigen
No surprise here. She seems to have become instant SI royalty, having found her way into the magazine thanks in part to her pal Brooklyn Decker.
She’s getting ready to say something hilarious.

Her Twitter feed is the best of all the models’; she’s genuinely funny in a snide, bitter way. Her Golden Globes commentary from earlier this year:…was almost as awesome as her golden globes:(Cheap joke, yes, but I think Chrissy would approve.)

Speaking of, when asked to name her best body part, Chrissy replied, “I like my little boobs.” Genevieve and Chrissy are the only two from 2010 to mention those particular body parts. The lesson for future rookies: talk about your boobs, and you’ll be invited back.

By the way, Chrissy in 2011 has given us yet another example of a model wearing a top but not a bottom, bringing the total to four.
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