Stylish Emo Girl:Electra and Her Poem

Style: Emo/girly
Orientation:straight i think
youtube: ElectraRickell

Introduce Youself: Before anyone even needs to ask i should get this out of the way. Electra is my real name it is the name that appears on my birth certificate, and no i was not named after Carmen Electra i was named after a motorcycle(a Harley Davidson to be exact:]). I am a pretty quite person i don't talk much and often don't pay attention to anything going on around me(specially when music is on). I have a nasty temper and you don't want to get on my bad side cause i can get pretty violent.

Poem from Electra
Sonnet of Death
The pain and sorrow felt by all mankind
caused by the regrets of all things not done
Yet we keep losses in the front of mind
all our loved ones that have already gone

Losing everything of which we have love
but knowing it is better this way
If only you could release like a dove
and maybe if you get on your knees to pray

Life's little problems will not seem as bad
while our clocks are constantly ticking down
how would people act if they knew we were sad?
we put on a fake smile while in town

To hide the constant fear behind our eyes
so that no one can hear our desperate cries

emo girl Electra
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this pic is really cool!!!! love it.

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