Stacey Williams Makes Today a Little Less Taxing

I’ve declared my love of Stacey Williams before in these pages. I thought I’d celebrate her birthday with a little more rapture.

This was the photo that struck me to the core in 1992:It’s rare for a two-page swimsuit spread to be so face-centric, but Stacey’s face—with its hypnotic brown eyes, its girlishly turned-up nose, and its frame of inky, wavy hair—earned it.1992 also managed to convince me that Stacey’s beauty was esoteric, and that I was one of the few who could be truly mesmerized by her. Let the others have their Kathy Irelands! Stacey appealed to my connoisseurship, my deep and complex tastes in feminine beauty!It was nonsense, of course. Everyone loved her, and I was far from the only person whose eye she caught. She even hosted a couple of the video specials.Nevertheless, she was key in my appreciation of the swimsuit issue. Elle got me on board, Stacey got me thinking.Happy 43rd, Stacey Williams.
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