Trim a Tree with Uncommon Ornaments

For some folks, the Yuletide chore of decorating the Christmas tree can be just as tiring, and let's face it, downright dull. Sure, you've got lots of holiday memories wrapped up in the mish-mash of Christmas ornaments you've collected over time, but you're still yearning for something a little bit different and lots more exciting.

It might be time to think outside of the gift-wrapped box folks often get stuck in this time of year and come up with a Christmas tree filled with collectible treasures to express your personality and interests. And no, a tree of this variety doesn't have to be ultra expensive to be impressive. Read on for a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Collectible Cups on the Tree

One neat idea, as shown in the photos here, came from my friend Claire Maxwell who owns Talbot Street Bed & Breakfast in Taylor, Texas. While open for the annual Taylor Christmas home tour, much to the delight of visitors wandering through the spectacularly decorated home, a tabletop tree that really epitomizes this idea was on display.

This particular tree held bough upon bough filled with small china cups Claire had collected here and there and everywhere. Some were children's dishes; others were of the demitasse variety. A lidless child's teapot, tied in place with a satin ribbon, was even perched near the tip of the tree where it worked beautifully as a topper.

Among the lightly colored cups, which really showed nicely nestled among the greenery, inexpensive red bead garland and sprigs of dried babies breath added the finishing touches. The result was a beautiful, old-fashioned tree allowing $1-3 cups to be used in a creative and fun holiday display with out going into debt to put it together.

Baby Shoes and Children's Toys on the Tree

While we were talking about her own decorating work, Claire also told me about an irresistible tree she'd seen once filled with adorable vintage baby shoes. And then we discussed toy rolling pins tied on with ribbons. The list went on and on when we started exploring kid's stuff to use as holiday ornaments.

Now, if you don't have a bunch of odd cups or infant shoes already collected up, these same ideas aren't going to work for you this holiday season. You'll have to get busy transforming common objects you already own into uncommon ornaments before Santa makes another trek down the chimney.

Other Ideas for Collectible Themed Christmas Trees

Cookie Cutters - Filling a tree with metal cookie cutters you've collected could be quite charming, even in a kitchen or dining area. Simply tie a ribbon hanger on each cutter and you've got instant ornaments. Christmas Postcards - Use a handful of vintage Christmas postcards to tuck within the branches among shiny ball ornaments in traditional holiday colors. Make color photocopies of cards on heavy card stock if you'd rather to hole punch and tie them to the tree instead. Framed Photographs - I once saw on the cover of a women's magazine how designers employed small black and white framed family photos among a bevy of red, white and blue ornaments. If nothing else, I bet you have some old photographs that would photocopy and frame up nicely for a project like this whether you go with the patriotic theme or not. Check your local dollar store for deals on small picture frames. Vintage Costume Jewelry - Consider using pearl necklaces from your local antique shop's bargain bin as garland or tie on large, sparkling brooches with ribbons. You can also pin brooches to the tops of sturdy ornaments or small pillows before hanging. Decorate a mini tree or rosemary bush by clipping rhinestone earrings to the branches. This is a great way to use single earrings when a mate goes missing.

Start Planning an Uncommon Strategy for Next Year

Of course, if you can't come up with a single idea that would work out for you now, there's always next year.

Just think about how many uncommon objects you could scout out for tree hanging between now and next Christmas, and all the fun you could have scavenging favorite shopping spots to find them.

After the thrill of the chase is long past, you'll find there's nothing quite as satisfying as a clever display of your treasured belongings and the joy you'll get from sharing them with others during the most wonderful time of the year.

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