New Layers Medium Curly HairstylesFor Women 2010

Find a look that will fit most face shapes the medium layers works well on straight hair that falls just above the neckline, while leaving the hair parted in the middle leaving soft layers to surround the face.Many are looking for volume, texture and definition and the one hairstyle that achieves all of these best features is the layered hairstyle, which is versatile and can be worn long or short, curly or straight. Why many like the layered hairstyle is because you can achieve a new look with out necessarily changing the medium curly hairstyles with bangs.

medium short curly hairstyles with bangs
New Layers Medium Curly HairstylesFor Women 2010

If you have medium length hairstyles and like to keep your bangs short, you can still do so with curly hairstyles. Have your stylist cuts your bangs no shorter than the tip of your nose because your hair is curly and your bangs will bounce up when dry. Cuts long layers throughout your head and add highlights to accentuate the wave. Style using a dime-sized amount of hair gel in wet hair. Allow to air dry or blow dry on a low setting.

curly hairstyles with bangs

New Layers Medium Curly HairstylesFor Women 2010

Wrap your medium curly hairstyles bangs in a large round brush and dry them with your dyer. Drag the brush under and out as your bangs begin to dry to keep the bangs under control and remove the wave and any frizz. Flip your head upside down and dry it underneath on a low setting. Scrunch the ends and tip your head back up. Continue drying, softly scrunching your hair. Finish by lightly combing and adding a light mist of hairspray.

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