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Q) Could you tell the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit models apart just by gazing at their cleavage?
A) Yes you could. Because this year, they have been labeled.

The models have been given personalized necklaces bearing their first names, and each girl wears her name for some of her shots.

Some Observations
• Shannan Click doesn’t seem to have gotten one. A careful perusal of her photos reveals no evidence of a necklace. Maybe it’s because of the odd spelling; the gift shop just didn’t have any Shannans in stock.

• On the opposite end of the spectrum is Jessica Gomes, who is wearing hers in almost every single photo.

• Speaking of Jessica, I wonder if they made two identical necklaces for Gomes and White, or if they just recycled?

• Chrissy Teigen’s says “Christine.” She was Christine in last year’s issue, Chrissy this year. These must have been surprise gifts, before Chrissy declared how she wanted to be addressed.

• Do you think these necklaces will ever be worn again? Seems a little tacky to wander into a club or a grocery store with your name dangling between your boobs, possibly more so than your zodiacal sign.
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